Episode 9: Michael Patrick Russell on SONGWRITING

Today on Pop of Passion is actor, musician and host of the podcast Rawk Radio-Michael Patrick Russell! Thank you so much to MPR, who is talking about his passion: Songwriting You can listen anywhere you get podcasts here https://pop-of-passion.castos.com/episodes/episode-9-michael-patrick-russell Michael’s Passion Plug is Bandwith Chicago— their mission is to positively affect the Continue Reading

Episode 7- Rose Abdoo on CREATING MINIATURES

The seventh episode of Pop of Passion is now live! https://pop-of-passion.castos.com/episodes/episode-7-rose-abdoo Thank you so much to my lovely guest, TV and Film’s Rose Abdoo about her passion: CREATING MINIATURES. Rose’s Passion Plug is Silver Muzzle Cottage you can learn how to get involved or support if you’re able here https://silvermuzzlecottage.com/ Jax’s Continue Reading