Episode 13 – Kevin T Porter on BAKING AND MUSIC

Join host Jax Barker as she talks to a comedian, writer, podcast producer, and let’s just face it, A GOOD TIME, the host and producer of the Good Christian Fun podcast, the Maisel Goys podcast, the Gilmore Guys podcast, and Inside Voices —Kevin T Porter (@kevintporter) about his passions: BAKING AND MUSIC!

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Jax’s Passion Plug is The Nation’s Longest Running Independent Comedy Showcase and the home of this very podcast—The Lincoln Lodge! Follow them on social media, stop by a show or if you’re able make a donation to this Not For Profit to help fund the future of comedy by visiting https://www.thelincolnlodge.com/donation

Kevin’s Passion Plug is a neighborhood-level movement responding to homelessness in a proactive, compassionate, and effective way—SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition. You can learn how to get involved, volunteer or donate if you’re able at www.selahnhc.org . Kevin would like to remind you to get involved in your own neighborhood. 

Our theme music is Forestview by The Hustle 

Produced by Christine Ferrera at The Lincoln Lodge

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