S2 Episode 2 Dina Nina on THE DIVINE FEMININE

Today on PoP I’m chatting with transgender stand up comedian, speaker and actor Dina Nina who is talking about her passion: THE DIVINE FEMININE!

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My Passion Plug goes out to producer Christine Ferrera. She has a Patreon where you can support her work as a comedian, storyteller and video artist. She is an artist, comedian and writer. She merges performance art and stand-up comedy to create singular, bizarre and often absurdist work that challenges social hierarchies with a gut-punch of truth. 

Visit https://www.patreon.com/christineferrera to sign up to support a brilliant artist. 

Dina’s passion plug is her podcast I Love Funny Women and her friend/co-host Lalita Dee!

Be sure to follow Dina Nina on Twitter and Instagram @DinaNinaXO and on her website https://dinanina.com/ 

Our theme music is Forestview by @thehustlemusic

Produced by Christine Ferrera at @thelincolnlodge

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