Episode 10: Elizabeth Kott on TURNING IDEAS INTO THINGS

Join host Jax Barker as she talks to fashionista, creator, consultant, producer and co-host of the podcast That’s So Retrograde -Elizabeth Kott about her passion: Turning Ideas Into Things.

The episode is live, click the link here to listen wherever you get podcasts

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You can learn more about Elizabeth on her website at https://elizabethkott.com/

Elizabeth’s Passion Plug is One Table— their mission is to empower people who don’t yet have a consistent Shabbat dinner practice to build one that feels authentic, sustainable, and valuable. OneTable is a national nonprofit funded to support people (21-39ish) looking to find and share this powerful experience.

You can learn how to get involved or support if you’re able here https://onetable.org/

Jax’s Passion Plug is Black Girls Break Bread—a Chicago-based non-profit organization with a mission to empower, uplift and inspire Black women and girls through the creation of safe spaces for intergenerational discourse and engagement. Please go to http://blackgirlsbreakbread.org/about/ to get involved & donate if you’re able.

Produced by Produced by Christine Ferrera at The Lincoln Lodge

Music by The Hustle

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